What to Wear for Pictures

What to wear for pictures is one of the most common questions I hear as an Austin family photographer.

With over 20 years experience as a photographer, I have heard a lot of questions. First, one of the most common for a family photography session is, “What should I wear?” Second is, “What should I bring?” You want everyone in the photos to look their best. And, you also want all the details in the photos to tie together so it looks cohesive. These simple tips will give you a better idea on how you can style your own outfits, accessories, and props so that everything comes together on the day of your session.

What to Wear for Pictures

  • Coordinate Colors

It’s easy to want to match outfits by pattern or color. Don’t put everyone in matching clothes and colors. Instead, coordinate the outfits to play off of one another. Let one of the family members be the star of the photo session. For example, you just got a dress for your daughter that you LOVE. Harmonize all the other outfits around that. If it’s a patterned outfit or has multiple colors, highlight those in the other outfits. Keep them simple with pops of color that coordinate with the star of the show outfit. And, don’t forget to take the shoes into consideration as well.

What to wear for photos for your Austin Family Photography Session family of four coordinating in red and black
  • Accessories

Think about jewelry, hats, scarves sweaters, vests, jackets or even flowers to hold or put in the hair. For example, accessorize your children in layers, textures or offer something for everyone to interact with. You don’t want the accessories to overwhelm the image but they can be a great way to offer variety throughout your session. Think of things that can be easily taken off or put back on.

What to wear for pictures for your Austin family photo shoot family with hat and blanket for style
Momma’s hat adds beautiful style.
  • Props

It’s often easier to photograph children if they have something to play around with or hold for some of the images. Think about adding in something that is meaningful to you and your family. For example, a favorite stuffed animal, family quilt, heirloom, or even your family pet! When choosing props ensure that they fit in well with the photo session. Likewise, they need to coordinate with the colors in your outfits.  Flowers, apples, or pumpkins are some easy to do ideas for props. Of course, a Porsche works too.

What to wear for pictures for your Austin Family Photography Session with a Porsche
A Porsche makes a pretty good prop!

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