Photography Education Happiness Hour

This photography education Happiness Hour post has been a long time coming. I have started to write it, deleted it all, and started over again many times. However, I have to get it done. Maybe because it’s personal, that’s what makes it so hard.

Photography Education Happiness Hour
My task was to take this picture.


When the pandemic started, so many people were looking for new ways to connect, help out, and just inspire. I was no different. Like many of you, I was not a fan of being on camera. However, the day things started in Austin, I recorded my first video. I simply asked if anyone would be interested in learning photography? Due to city ordinances, photography wasn’t an essential service. But, education is always a go. So, I shared some knowledge and created a YouTube channel. Which, if you know me, you know that’s pretty funny.

Photography Education Happiness Hour

Linda Nickell, or @coznlinda on Instagram, reached out to me and some other folks she knows, with an idea she had: Happiness Hour. The second she mentioned it to me, I was all in.

Photography Education Happiness Hour
Photo courtesy of Susan Lichtenwalter.

Linda is a true storyteller and an amazing photographer. Follow her and you’ll see what I mean. She explains Happiness Hour way better than I ever could. But, basically, she is totally opposite of my introverted self and was going to miss socializing during Austin’s “shelter in place” orders. She wanted a way to bring people together. She is all about connections. So now every Wednesday at 7:30pm Central Time, she hosts another addition of Happiness Hour. It’s free education from some pretty incredible photographers. Although, not all classes are 100% photography. You can come for those that interest you and skip those that don’t. I am more than happy to provide you the link to join, just contact me.

Happiness Hour Continued:

Through Linda’s connecting skills, I have met some pretty amazing people, or as Linda calls them, The Circle. Now, I will admit, I have not met everyone in Linda’s circle. But, those that I have met lead me to believe that they are all equally amazing. I have no idea how I made the cut…and most days question Linda’s sanity for reaching out to include me in the first place. I am nowhere near as talented as any of these folks, and by far the worst presentation to date. But, I am forever grateful to be included none the less.

Erin Randall of Ad Meliora Coaching
Erin Randall: Image courtesy of yours truly.

Meet Erin Randall of Ad Meliora Coaching. If you don’t know Erin, you should reach out. She’ll make you think and ask you the hard questions. Her expertise is absolutely spot on. There is deeper meaning to just about everything, and she’ll help you get there. Erin is a certified expert Agile Coach.

Karen Riley of Home Plate 101
Karen Riley: Image courtesy of, you guessed it, me.

I have introduced y’all to Karen before. But, if you haven’t been around, meet Karen Riley of Home Plate 101. Karen shares her passion of teaching through her blog. And, I have nicknamed her the homeschool expert.

Some other amazing educators that I have yet to meet in person, but have learned so much from, include Valerie Hoffman, Ruth Hoyt, David Valdez, Jon Fischer, and Robert McGee just to name a few.

If you are looking for photography education Happiness Hour is definitely a great place to start. Linda has put up all the past classes on YouTube, so check them out. And, again, if you want to join us, contact me and I’ll “let” you in.

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