AND I LOOK FOR THE best LIGHt, connections, and smiles. EVERY TIME I PRESS THE SHUTTER, I CAPTURE A MOMENT IN TIME that you'll never get back. preserving that moment as art is the best legacy you can leave for your family.

Professional Family Photography


When you’re on the hunt for a professional Austin family
photographer, you want someone who can capture the personalities of each family member.

That’s precisely what I do.

I’m all about capturing your family just the way you are,
instead of “posing” you in uncomfortable positions.

My professional family photography style is classic and
clean. I’m passionate about making your pictures look amazing today and 100
years from now.

I want your family to cherish the images I capture for generations to come.

I also know my way around all the technical aspects that creates
an incredible portrait. From what camera to use, to what lighting is best, to how to properly crop photos and more, my degree in Photography ensures I put the “professional” in your photography.


Fun & Relaxing Family Photos


Perhaps most importantly, however, I thrive on making your
family comfortable in front of the camera. As a family photographer, I know how important it is to make every member of the family, no matter their age, feel relaxed and like themselves. That’s why I use prompts to create natural photographs that let your family’s personality shine.

My secret power is getting everyone looking in the same
spot, at the same time, and smiling! Even teens and tweens look happy to be
there when I have a chance to step behind the camera.

One of the top 10 compliments I’ve received during my twenty plus year photography career came from a 19-year-old who said, "She's awesome, she didn't make us do anything stupid.” In a nutshell, that’s how I approach my Austin family photography business. I don’t make your family do anything “stupid” just to get the shot.

And for parents, I have your back. Don’t stress about your
kiddos during our session. I’m all about letting them play and be themselves. Why?
Because kids at play are happy kids! And that makes for the best family photos.

Sit Back, Relax, & Cherish The Memories


As an Austin family photographer, I happily meet
clients throughout the city and the surrounding areas to capture high quality
family portraits. I do whatever it takes to create a relaxing atmosphere where
parents and kids alike can truly have fun. When you book a session with me, you can expect a professional and fun experience. Don’t worry about setting up the picture-perfect photo, I’ll do it for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and soak in this precious time as a family. I look forward to meeting you.

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