Know Your Why

Know Your Why: I know mine!

My why  – my grandmother: Pictures are meant for holding, to be up on walls for viewing, or in albums to flip through and enjoy. Why? Because my grandmother. If you are here, I hope you believe the same.

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I have taken so many business and education classes over the years. They always boil down to this; know your why? I have always known my why, but I have not always shared my why or even followed my why. It’s personal, and I am not the best at opening up and sharing. But, I am learning.

Know Your Why me holding a framed print of my grandmother

This photo was taken in 1946 when my grandmother was 16 years old. It is one of the most valuable possessions I have. It’s priceless. It’s a bridge to my past, and a conversation for the future.

Portrait Photography

I had a portrait photography session down in San Antonio this fall at the Landa Library. So, I was able to meet up with my mom, sister and 2 favorite little guys for breakfast tacos after. As I was looking at this picture, and thinking of my why, my nephew said, “I miss grandma Mimo” – my grandmother who passed away a few months back. I said, “I know sweetheart, I do too. I also miss grandma Mimi.” It started a conversation with him and he wanted a picture with grandma Mimi who he will never know in person, but knows in stories shared. This sweet 6 year old knows the value of prints. He looks for them whenever he comes over to my place. They are all over his home, and according to my mom, he looks at her place too.

Having a conversation with a 6 year old makes me realize I must be doing something right.

When people say, “wow, you’re expensive”, I think to myself, expensive compared to what? The newest $1000 iPhone that will be replaced in a couple of years? We all value different things, and that’s okay. That’s what makes this world so great. My clients value printed art. Heirloom quality pieces that will be around for generations. They know the importance of passing down art for future generations. If this sounds like you, read more about the process. When you are ready to book, simply contact me.

Portrait Photography Album for viewing know your why

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