Bluebonnet Photo Shoot

It’s that time of year in Texas, Bluebonnet Photo Shoot time! Schedule today with New York Times published bluebonnet photographer, Jama Pantel.

Do you get excited every spring when you see bluebonnets start to pop up on the sides of Texas highways? If so, you’re not alone.

Bluebonnet Photo Shoot with family of three
Family in bluebonnets.

Last year I shared 10 tips for taking amazing bluebonnet pictures. This year, I went to the source, you (well more like you on social media), and asked what questions you had. Thank you for all your questions. I’ll do my best to answer them here.

Austin family photography in bluebonnets

Your Bluebonnet Photo Shoot Questions:

  • The first question that came in was great! Is this truly a rite of passage for new Texans to have pictures taken with bluebonnets? The answer, YES! It absolutely is.

Texas Rite of Passage

Bluebonnet Photo Shoot Questions
  • How do you find the best location for a bluebonnet photo shoot? Scouting, and lots of it. The last thing any photographer should ever do it put people in harm’s way (the side of the road). It’s way too dangerous. A professional photographer will always find safe locations for the photo shoot.
  • What’s the best angle to take the photos from? A low camera angle creates a great perspective and really show off the bluebonnets nicely.
  • What other states grow bluebonnets like Texas? They are definitely a Texas thing! But it has to do with the soil…and Texas being so awesome too!
  • Best places to go around Austin to see bluebonnets? Blooms change yearly and sometimes spots that were great one year, aren’t so great the next. However, St. Edwards University, Old Settlers Park, Brushy Creek Lake Park, and McKinney Falls are usually great, and safe for families.
  • When are bluebonnets in full bloom and when do you recommend booking a session? This also changes yearly. Due to our mild winter this year, the blooms actually started in January and February. I think full bloom will start in mid March. Making this the best time to schedule your session. Based on years past, the normal full bloom is mid April. I think if you wait that long this year, you’ll be too late.
  • What time of day is best for pictures? Golden hour! For instance, early morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky. Harsh midday sun is not flattering.
  • What are the chances of finding a pink bluebonnet? Of course this question made me smile! Just like with anything in nature, there are no guarantees. But, with this in mind, find a photographer who will give you a better chance of finding this. 😉

Yes, pink – bluebonnets exist!

Pinkbonnet Photo Shoot Question
  • How do you handle portraits in bluebonnets so that others can enjoy them as well? Surely this is one of the most important questions! Look for bare spots as they naturally occur in the bluebonnets. Pose the subject behind the lush spot and have the camera in front of the lush spot. Next, get the right angle. Finally, don’t sit on or crush the bluebonnets.
Austin family photographer couple in bluebonnets
Girl Sitting in Bluebonnets for Photo Shoot

With this in mind, if you are ready to book, contact me. Let’s chat!

Bluebonnet portraits
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