Beauty Portraits – 40 Over 40

When I did a soft launch of the Beauty Portraits – 40 Over 40 project two months ago, I had no idea where it would go. But so happy to have so many on board already. The idea: inspire and empower women over 40 with a custom beauty portrait session tailored just for them. The goal is to photograph 40 women over the age of 40 in 2021. The end result will be a gallery show and gathering with all these amazing women. I’d love for you to be a part of this!

Austin Portrait Photographer Woman in her 60's
Mom – After hair and make-up and full retouching of her portrait.
Beauty Portraits - 40 Over 40 Before hair and make up.
Mom helping me set up the lights before hair and make up.

Beauty Portraits – 40 Over 40:

Significantly, the inspiration behind this project is varied. And, I do plan on sharing more as we go along. However, my mom is my biggest inspiration. Therefore, she was up first!

Where does one start? Maybe I am slightly biased because she is my mom, but she is the best. Not for the standard reasons, she loves me unconditionally and supports me like no one else can. But honestly, it’s who she is as a person. She is kind, humble, funny, smart, resourceful, adventurous, and totes adorbs. 🙂

Most importantly, she has taught me how to respect everyone, not judge and just be a good human. The life lessons learned from her are everlasting.

I can go on forever about her, but I’ll stop, for now and let you see what she had to say.

Beauty Portraits 67 year old women in black dress

What mom had to say:

When my daughter Jama mentioned this project, of course I was in. I mean, getting your hair and make up done by a pro, and a chance to wear fancy new dresses! Who wouldn’t want this? This was extra special for me after returning home from 3 months out in the Gulf of Alaska. On a boat none the less! Not to mention, this pandemic that we are all in. I jumped at the opportunity. Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like looking at “pretty pictures” of oneself all dressed and made up? Plus I got to choose 3 new outfits that I really love and hope to wear again soon.

Beauty portraits up close women over 60

Getting a hair and make up session is something I had thought about doing before. I thoroughly enjoyed her go-to gal Sharon (Sharon Marie Make Up). We had a great time chatting and I watched as she created her magic on me. This was exciting as I have never worn make up nor had my hair done at any point. I thought about all the stars and people that have this done all the time. A girl could get use to this. 

Studio beauty portraits women in her 60s.

More of mom’s experience:

By the time hair and make up was complete, I was just happy, relaxed and excited to be doing this. An even bigger thrill: going to the photo shooting area. I stood there as Jama got all her gear ready. I was like a little kid in a candy store. Taking pictures is something I enjoy. However, my knowledge is not even close to what Jama knows and can do.

Studio beauty portraits women in her 60's in green jumpsuit.
Seriously, how cute is my mom?

I have worked and posed for Jama a handful of times. Therefore, I kind of knew what she wanted. That being said, she always knows how to direct the scene. From where to look, or to move my head. To stand this way, fold or hold my arms and hands a certain way, she directed it all. It was just fun doing all the poses. Of course, being my age (67), I felt like I was being contorted. But, it is good for the bones and muscles to move anyway, right?

Studio beauty photography of women in her 60's.

About Mom (Julia)

Over the years, I have been in a play or two. There is nothing like the rush you feel as you get into the outfits and start mentally preparing. Except maybe when you go out on stage and just take in the whole experience. As a matter of fact, this experience with Jama was like that feeling! Very exciting.

Beauty portrait of women in her 60's in Austin, TX studio

I mentioned above being on a boat. A few years ago I was blessed with a new job opportunity. I became a cook on a fishing tender in Alaska. The only time I get off the boat is to buy more groceries to feed my crew of 3. Let me tell you, they can eat and thank goodness love my cooking. (Note from Jama: everyone LOVES mom’s cooking. Her cooking a meal for my uncle, her brother, is how she landed this dream “job”). After being out on the water for three months, you don’t always look your best. Your hair and nails are not something you have time to concentrate on. Though when I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t wait to get back on land and get pampered.

Austin beauty portrait of women in blue dress.

Notably, with this Beauty Portraits – 40 Over 40 opportunity, I am also blessed. To have Jama, my daughter, doing this photo shoot, let’s just say I will forever cherish and remember this experience. Plus, I have the pictures to prove it. There’s nothing like having lasting memories of loved ones, or of yourself to look at in the future. But more importantly, to pass them down in the future. I highly recommend Jama and her skills. She’s great at what she does. And it is just down right fun.

Austin studio portraits of older woman.
Beauty Portraits - 40 Over 40 - Mom on boat in Alaska
Mom on the boat in Alaska
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