Backyard Family Photos

Backyard family photos is my go-to recommendation right now to capture your family during these times. Of course, it has also been a favorite for years, for many reasons. Read on below to find out why.

young woman at golden hour in her backyard family photos
Backyard family photos at golden hour.

Why backyard family photos?

Austin Family Photographer family of six smiling together
A backyard can have so much variety.

Your family is relaxed during backyard family photos.

This is by far the number one reason your backyard is the perfect location for family photography. When you are at home, you tend to be more relaxed and in your comfort zone. When you’re relaxed, those natural smiles are easier to come by. Plus, capturing those candid moments that really make an album tell your family story is a plus. As much as I enjoy giving instructions and directions to help with “posing”, sitting back and letting moments happen naturally is the best.

Candid backyard family photos in Austin Texas
Captured this candid moment with real natural smiles.

The focus is on family connections, not the location.

You should never stress about a location in general. The point of family photography is to document those close family connections. The cuddles, the kisses, the nuzzles, that is what makes an image so impactful. And what usually brings a smile to your face when you see the results.

daddy getting kisses from daughters showing family love at Bastrop Hyatt Lost Pines How to Find Perfect Austin Family Photo Locations
You can’t stage a connection like this!


You know what they say about Texas weather? Don’t like it, wait a few minutes and it will change. Yes, the summer is HOT, but you never know when a rain shower is going to just pop up. Lightening is not something you ever want to be outside in, but rain, snow and even a light wind is something we can work with.

backyard family photos in the snow
The snow and below freezing temperatures couldn’t keep the smiles away.

Landscape or architectural features.

Taking advantage of the landscape or any special features of your backyard just makes an image that much more meaningful. For example, you can use a rock for sitting on, a tree for sitting under, or flowers for framing an image.

senior girl framed by flowers for her backyard family photos
The flowers and trees really helped frame this gorgeous image.
teenage girl senior portraits in the backyard on a rock
This rock made the perfect spot to sit.

Are you ready to see what kind of magic we can create in your backyard? If so, contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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