5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer From Cameras to Concepts

If you’re about to participate in your first professional photo shoot, it can be a bit overwhelming for some clients. After all, there’s a lot to decide including where to take the pictures, what to wear, not to mention having to consider factors like schedules and the weather. So, in order to make the shoot the pleasant and positive experience it should be, here are 5 questions to ask your photographer from cameras to concepts.

5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer From Cameras to Concepts
5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer From Cameras to Concepts

What should we wear?

One of the most important things to consider for a shoot is what to wear. Choosing the right clothing for a shoot can be a pretty tricky process. Depending on the purpose of the shoot, your photographer may ask you to focus on certain clothing styles. They might also want you to pay attention to fabrics and colors that show better on camera. In line with this, here at Jama Pantel Photography, we offer in-home style and concept consultations. Through this service, we can help you choose your photoshoot outfits from your own wardrobe. With the right outfit, not only will your vision be better executed but you’ll look and feel more confident, too.

What kind of photography will it be?

You want to make sure that the photographer you hire has the appropriate skills and equipment for your envisioned shoot. Ask what type of photographs they enjoy taking the most. And, also, what photos in their portfolio they are particularly proud of.

Some photographers may prefer making clever use of perspective or playing with long exposure. Others might be more suited to portrait photography or work better with active subjects like children or dogs. Understanding your photographer’s skills is key to your own satisfaction, so make sure you’re in alignment early on.

What types of cameras are available?

Beautiful panoramic views of a beach, or an aerial group picture can look fantastic, but they require very different types of cameras. Case in point, drone cameras, are specially designed for bird’s eye perspectives and wide shots, but they aren’t the best choice for an intimate engagement photo. Before finalizing your shoot, it’s best if you and your photographer discuss what kinds of shots you want and what type of equipment is necessary to get them. This way, you can both compromise or change directions if need be.

What locations can we shoot in?

Some photoshoots will need to be taken outside of a studio, which means everything has to be portable. Depending on the location, the cameras and lighting equipment may have to be lugged around, which could be tedious work. Consequently, it’s better to clarify what settings your photographer is comfortable shooting in. After all, there’s nothing worse than aiming for a nature shot only to find out that your photographer doesn’t have the right gear or logistical capability.

What’s included in a package?

People tend to make certain assumptions about photography packages. Services like retouching and color correcting are usually preferred by clients, but that doesn’t mean the photographer has agreed to include them in the base price of the shoot. Additionally, it’s perfectly fine to ask if your photographer has other bespoke services outside of “traditional” photography. For instance, we offer personal branding sessions that complement visual branding. Since this is a relatively new service, some clients may only find out about it upon further inquiry.

Clients shouldn’t be afraid to ask about working hours and lunch breaks. Questions regarding the editing process are also important, as no session is capable of producing a full set of perfect shots. Getting into the details of your shoot is the best way to make sure everyone’s expectations are met, and that the end result is the best it could be.

Preparing for a photo session doesn’t have to be stressful. Taking the time to clarify any doubts with the photographer can provide peace of mind, so be sure to have the 5 questions to ask your photographer from cameras to concepts prepared ahead of time. Professional shoots can create truly incredible images, but only if the photographer and the client truly understand each other.

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