Reminder Family Photography Austin Matters

Reminder Family Photography Austin Matters

Today’s reminder of why family photography Austin matters comes all the way from Hong Kong. It is a beautiful reminder that made my weekend. And, it is a reminder to always treat people with kindness and a good heart. You never know who or how you will touch another person or another life.

I woke up this weekend to a message from my friend Mai. Mai is an amazing photographer who moved from the States to Hong Kong recently for her husband’s job. She sent me a picture with her and a beautiful smiling face. She asked me if I knew the lady in the picture. Of course I did! I was honored to photograph a family reunion out in Bastrop, Texas, almost two years ago today.

Family Photography Austin 0001

Rem and her family.

That is where I met Rem, her husband, and their cute little one. Their family welcomed me with open arms into their life, for just a few hours that day. Being there, at that old farmhouse, out in the country, it was obvious how important family was. The family collection of images, family recipes, Civil War paper work, a diary from the 1930’s, hand made items, the list goes on and on, was very impressive to see, and document. You could easily feel how each and every one of them valued family. As a photographer, it is an honor for the family to now have an heirloom album of their reunion, to add to the family archive.

Family Photography Austin 0002

Looking at family heirlooms and old photos.

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Rem saw me comment on one of Mai’s posts. As a result, she asked Mai about me. Then, small world craziness ensued, all the way in Hong Kong! Mai and Rem’s husbands work for the same company and now both live in Hong Kong. Mai informed me that Rem loved me and spoke highly of me. Hearing that made my photographer heart sing. As a result of that simple interaction that day, with that family, it is amazing to know that my actions as a family photographer matter.

Especially relevant as a family photographer is knowing when and how to anticipate those simple, yet special in between moments.

Family Photography Austin 0006

The family patriarch was touched by being surrounded by his family. Most importantly, the looks of love from his daughter and grand-daughters.

Family Photography Austin 0007

Because we all know that running a business is hard. We struggle wondering if we are doing the right thing. All the time! For example, there is a lot of second guessing ourselves.

First, will anyone want my services?

Next, will they want to hire me?

Third, will they like my work and products?

Finally, and most of all, will they like me?

But, in the end, family photography Austin matters!

Since we all know that family photography Austin is a luxury service, just like taking a vacation, or buying that Louis Vuitton bag. We know it’s not for everyone. So, all we can do is provide the best service possible to those who come our way.

As always, thank you so much for reading and being here. It means the world to me.

xoxo – Jama

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Most fun of all, glow sticks!

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  • Mai

    This is a great reminder for all of us – business owners, that always treat clients as if they are the first customer! It was crazy. And what a small world! 
    Your beautiful work speaks itself. I’m so happy that you are my friend, Jama!ReplyCancel

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